The Vietnamese Language Is Easy to Learn


English spelling is extremely inconsistent and the “same” word can often have different pronunciations depending on the context. Vietnamese, on the hand, has none of this nonsense.


Vietnamese grammar is virtually non-existent. Most of the time, you can just say the minimum amount of words needed to get your point across and the result is grammatically correct Vietnamese.

Vocabulary is Highly Logical

Most foreigners in Vietnam, even if they don't speak Vietnamese, will know the amusing fact that xe ôm – the local name for Vietnam’s ubiquitous motorbike taxis – translates literally as “hug vehicle.”

Handy Phrases for You to Know

Tôi không hiểu. (toy comb hey-oo) / I don’t understand

If somebody doesn’t understand you, don’t expect them to hang around waiting for you to repeat it a bunch of times.

Hẹn gặp lại (hen gap lie) / See you again

Almost everyone knows ‘bye-bye’ – but you’ll elicit a smile if you use this phrase.

Không đường (comb dew-ung) / No sugar

Unless you want an extra tablespoon of sugar in every drink, be sure to add this phrase to your order.

Learn More About Vietnamese

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    Forms of address and reference

    Speakers must use strictly prescribed terms of address and reference. Normally, one must express an attitude of humility, addressing others in honorific terms to show respect for knowledge, and social rank.

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    Vietnamese nouns make use of classifiers which indicate which class a noun belongs to, e.g., animate objects, inanimate objects, books, sharp objects, buildings, stick-like objects, flat objects, etc. The Vietnamese system of classifiers is similar to that of Chinese.

Heroes Behind the Company

We pride ourselves on our student-centred culture and the flexibility of our programs.

If you plan to visit Vietnam, it might be a good idea to start learning the language as soon as possible since it will take some time.

Nguyễn Vân Ngọc

Teacher at Flarocks Vietnamese Language Classes

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